Stacey Who?

Hello, loyal and trusted perverts of the Internet. Where have I been? What have I done? Who am I? All of these questions are fair and valid. You see, I was once a true updater on this site, making sure everyone was abreast (that one is for the pervs) of my daily actions, shows, auditions (humble but confident brags), and of course selfies I took with just the perfect amount of natural lighting and “Valencia” filter (follow me on Instagram @TheStaceyMcG). However, times have changed and I became, as my parents and agents would describe ,”LAZY” . All of a sudden this website became dusty and unloved, much like my yoga mat and Chia Seeds. This bled into my social media accounts as well, which were half-assed tweets about my love for sweatpants and Instagram photos of dogs that were, at times, not even owned by me (again follow me @TheStaceyMcG). I should apologize but I can’t, as it was truly a time I will cherish forever because it allowed me to focus on what truly matters to me…reality television and Snyders Honey Mustard and Onion pretzels.

But lets not dwell on the past and instead move forward, to 2015 I recently moved to Los Angeles and have nothing but time on my hands. Apparently Hollywood doesn’t accept resumes unless you know someone. In any case here you will find posts, updates, and Confident Brags of things I’ve done, am currently doing, and future doings. Will you join me? I hope you do, because mama has a bank account that needs to be filled.

I look forward to sharing this time with you.


Stacey McGunnigle

New Show at Second City: “The Meme-Ing of Life”

Second City Banner

I am really thrilled to be opening this new show. We have such a great cast and the response has been amazing! We are performing every night Wed-Sunday so check out and get your tickets ASAP!

Here is a link to a few REVIEWS:

Globe & Mail:

Toronto Star:

NOW Toronto: