Well Hello!

I realize I have not updated this page in a while so here is what I have been up to:

The last time we spoke I had been nominated for two 2013 Canadian Comedy Awards: One for Best Female Improviser and One for Best Breakout Artist. I was very fortunate to take home the Best Breakout Artist:


It was truly one of the best nights of my life and I will never forget it.

After the awards I decided to leave The Second City after my third Revue “We Can Be Heroes”, which has just recently been nominated for a 2014 Canadian Comedy Award, !!!!! Leaving the Second City was an incredibly hard decision to make but everyone was incredibly encouraging and supportive. My final night was such an emotional evening and the hangover the next day was even more powerful.overit

Shortly after leaving The Second City I left for LA to crush my soul in the ever popular “Pilot Season” and was very lucky and honoured to be casted as the lead for a new NBC comedy pilot entitled “Ellen More Or Less”:




I got to work with an incredibly talented cast and crew and the project was hilarious, charming, and something I felt so connected to. Sadly the pilot did not get picked up but I look forward to working with everyone involved in the future!


Needless to say its been a busy few months with opportunities I never thought I would ever be afforded. I promise to keep this page more consistently updated and I look forward to what the summer will bring!

New Show at Second City: “The Meme-Ing of Life”

Second City Banner

I am really thrilled to be opening this new show. We have such a great cast and the response has been amazing! We are performing every night Wed-Sunday so check out secondcity.com and get your tickets ASAP!

Here is a link to a few REVIEWS:

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